• Leadership and Emotional Awareness

    Moro and Mike interview Nahid Asani about his experience as a manager in using emotional intelligence and emotional awareness.
  • Networking for Professional Development

    Moro and Mike interview TJ Zhang and Burhan Syed, two people who have excellent In-Real-Life networking skills. Learn how to improve your professional development by meeting people.
  • Kali Linux in Docker

    In this livestream I will show how I run Kali Linux in a Docker Container on Docker for Windows. It helps me get the best of both worlds, and I don’t need to maintain a VM.

  • Preparing for a Job Interview

    Moro and Mike talk to Jessica Riad-Wallace about how people can prepare for job interviews.
  • Cybersecurity in Popular Culture

    Moro and Mike are joined friends to discuss representations of cybersecurity in popular culture including music, books, news, and movies.