• Advice on Resumes and Cover Letters

    Moro and Mike and guest Jim Clark provide advice on Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Resumes and Cover Letters

    This is part of a weekly series of live discussions between cyber security professionals in Calgary, AB. Hosted by Moro and Mike, every Friday we interview our friends and colleagues about issues that matter in IT and Cyber security.

  • Devops Your Windows Desktop

    Do you want to automate software deployment on your Windows Desktop? Want to use containers to keep your experiment and tests clean and separate? Want to use Linux on Windows with complication? You need to mix a tiny bit of DevOps into your Windows Desktop.

  • Career Stories and Advice

    Moro and Mike interview a series of Cybersecurity and IT professionals about their career stories and advice for career development.
  • Energy Sector Cyberthreats

    This is new recording of a talk I frequently gave between 2015-2017. It is an open-source intelligence review of emerging Cyber Threats in the Energy Sector. This is a short version of the talk: there was a much longer in-depth version, but for my purposes this short version will suffice.

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