Job Hunting and Online Presence

moro and mike,

This is part of a weekly series of live discussions between cyber security professionals in Calgary, AB. Hosted by Moro and Mike, every Friday we interview our friends and colleagues about issues that matter in IT and Cyber security.

In this episode we will discuss how to manage your online presence and leverage it during your job hunt. Mostly this means, “How do you maximize my use of LinkedIn features and my professional network.”

Cybersecurity & IT Career Paths and Stories

Advice on Job Hunting and LinkedIn

Advice on Resumes and Cover Letters

In this live stream, we talk with 3 panelists. John a recruiter with TEK Systems explains what it is like to work with an external recruiter for contract IT work.

Then we have a panel discussion about using LinkedIn and online social networking for a Job Hunt and professional development.

Dr. TJ Zhang and Jessica Riad-Wallace join us for an inspirational look at how to authentically represent yourself, get noticed, and leverage your network online.

Michael offers his own view on the First Three things you should do in a job hunt: They all involve getting yourself reconnected with your friends and colleagues.

Michael McDonnell
Written by Michael McDonnell Follow
Michael McDonnell is The Cybersecurity Librarian. A cybersecurity professional (CISM, CTIA, GCIA, GCWN) and a professional librarian (MLIS).
Morohito Arakaki
Written by Morohito Arakaki
Moro is a modern day rennaissance man, an experienced network analyst, and cybersecurity professional. He is co-host of the Moro & Mike livestream.