Networking for Professional Development

moro and mike,

In the 6th Moro & Mike livestream, we discussed Professional Networking (offline and In Real Life, not just online). We interviewed two guests who are excellent role models and expert networkers: Burhan Syed and Dr. TJ Zhang.

Our panel answered live Q&A and offer advice after the interviews.

Michael McDonnell
Written by Michael McDonnell Follow
Michael McDonnell is The Cybersecurity Librarian. A cybersecurity professional (CISM, CTIA, GCIA, GCWN) and a professional librarian (MLIS).
Morohito Arakaki
Written by Morohito Arakaki
Moro is a modern day rennaissance man, an experienced network analyst, and cybersecurity professional. He is co-host of the Moro & Mike livestream.