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Leadership and Emotional Awareness

A short curated YouTube playlist introducing Emotional Intelligence.

In Moro and Mike, Jun 11, 2020

Networking for Professional Development

In the 6th Moro & Mike livestream, we discussed Professional Networking (offline and In Real Life, not just online). We interviewed two guests who are excellent role models and e...

In Moro and Mike, Jun 05, 2020

Kali Linux in Docker

In this livestream I will show how I run Kali Linux in a Docker Container on Docker for Windows. It helps me get the best of both worlds, and I don’t need to maintain a VM.

In Technical Tuesday, Jun 02, 2020

Preparing for a Job Interview

In this LiveStream we will host a Question and Answer session on Job Interview Preparation with our panelists. Our group will take questions from the audience and provide feedback.

In Moro and Mike, May 29, 2020

Cybersecurity in Popular Culture

Join Moro & Mike, and our friends and colleagues to critique and comment on Cybersecurity in Popular Culture.

In Moro and Mike, May 22, 2020

NEW Windows 10 Packet Sniffer

This Tuesday I will demonstrate “pktmon” the new Windows 10 packet sniffer. It is built-in to the latest release of Windows 10 and promised to be the new great way to get packet captu...

In Technical Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth the Cost?

Watch this video for a tour of LinkedIn Premium and description of how I found some feature useful and others not so useful.

In Careers, May 16, 2020

Job Hunting and Online Presence

This is part of a weekly series of live discussions between cyber security professionals in Calgary, AB. Hosted by Moro and Mike, every Friday we interview our friends and colleagues ...

In Moro and Mike, May 15, 2020

Job Hunt? Do these 3 thing first

This is a companion article to a YouTube Livestream on Fri May 15, 2020 on using social networking in a job search. Check it out here:

In Moro and Mike, May 13, 2020

Docker and Github

Recently I started to use Docker and Github together to build and deploy analysis projects with a single command line. To do this, I setup a github repository with my Dockerfile (buil...

In Technical Tuesday, May 12, 2020