Threat Intelligence Oct 2020

moro and mike,

Cybersecurity Analysts Alec and Chris are back to presents some of the latest cyber-threats and discuss cybersecurity news for October 2020.

Join us for a LIVE discussion and Q&A at the end. We will be discussing numerous aspects of the Twitter Hack and taking your questions.

As usual, we thought we knew what the big story was… and then it got real. Zerologon? That’s bad right… well then hackers started killing people. :-/

Michael McDonnell
Written by Michael McDonnell Follow
Michael McDonnell is The Cybersecurity Librarian. A cybersecurity professional (CISM, CTIA, GCIA, GCWN) and a professional librarian (MLIS).
Morohito Arakaki
Written by Morohito Arakaki
Moro is a modern day rennaissance man, an experienced network analyst, and cybersecurity professional. He is co-host of the Moro & Mike livestream.