• Threat Intelligence July 2020

    Alec and Chris join Moro and Mike for a briefing on the latest threats and cybersecurity news for July 2020
  • Students and New Professionals

    Student Leaders Emily and Alex host the show and interview Moro, Mike, and a panel of experts about careers in Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Certifications

    Moro and Mike are joined by Mark Shykula to discuss the types, value, and controveries of cybersecurity certifications.
  • Docker Homelab for Cybersecurity

    In this livestream I explain how to use Docker for Windows to create a cybersecurity Homelab.

  • Threat Intelligence June 18 2020

    Moro and Mike are joined by Chris McNeil and Alec Mather-Shapiro to discuss the value of Threat Intel reports and to discuss recent breaches and cybersecurity news.