This livestream will be hosted by Alexandra Tenney and Emily Baird from the University of Calgary InfoSec Club. These two student leaders will interview a panel of cybersecurity professionals with questions collected from fellow students.

Our panelists are Jared Richardson a Cybersecurity Consultant and Manager, Dr. Lisa Yeo former Network Analyst and currenty a University Professor teching InfoSec with an interest in policy, and Julia Fleming a former web developer and currently a penetration tester.

Moro and Mike will moderate and participate in the panel.

Each of the panelists have an interesting and diverse background able to speak about various career paths, the needs of employers, and what it is really like to work in cybersecurity.


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Discussion with Moro, Mike, Alex, and Emily
  • Introduction of Panelists
  • Panel Interview
  • LIVE Q&A with Audience

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This is a list of resources of interest to Cybersecurity Students and New Professionals

University of Calgary InfoSec Club
Jerimy, Paul. (2020). Security Certification Roadmap.
Jerimy’s infographic is an interesting attempt to classify and visual cybersecurity certifications. The list is comprehensive and is ranked by degree of difficulty and categorized by type-of-work. While the ranking is somewhat subjective I was say that it is reasonably accurate. Importantly, Jerimy’s work highlights the deficency in training and certification on defense. It begs the question, “Why are we obsessed with becoming hackers?”

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