Watch this video for a tour of LinkedIn Premium and description of how I found some feature useful and others not so useful.

In the past, I have subscribed to LinkedIn Premium and didn’t find value in the added features. Honestly, I tried it just to see who was looking at my profile.

Recently, I was hunting for a job, and tried LinkedIn Premium again, but this time I found it was well worth the cost. There were two differences this time:

1) I realized HOW the features where intended to be used 2) I changed my job hunting approach to be more proactive.

In particular I found that the included access to LinkedIn Learning justified the cost of the subscriptions.

Some of the features worked for me (like InMail) and some made no difference at all or were actually misleading (like “Job Insights” and “Featured Applicant”).

This video is a companion piece to a recent “Moro & Mike” live stream on Job Hunting and the use of social media. You can see that video here:

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