Join Moro & Mike, and our friends and colleagues to critique and comment on Cybersecurity in Popular Culture.

We will discuss representation of hackers and information security in music, movies, TV, and the media.

We cannot broadcast clips but you can follow along at home and watch too. Use these playlists:

Cybersecurity in the Movies (War Games, Hackers, Sneakers, and more):

Cybersecurity in TV (Mr Robot… duh!):

Cybersecurity in Music (Nerdcore Hip Hop, Darksoft, and more):

OMG! The Music though! Seriously, cybersecurity, IT, and machine learning are entering our music.

This is the 4th Friday Night Live Stream with Moro & Mike. Each week we do a livestream for our IT and Cybersecurity friends and colleagues (mostly based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada).

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