Moro & Mike will be joined by Patti Blackstaffe C.P.C, (she/her/hers) to discuss mentorship.

LIVE on Thu Aug 20, 2020 at 7 PM MDT

Cybersecurity lacks the same tradition of mentorship found in other established professions. What can we do to take mentorship to the next level?

Join as we learn from Patti’s experience, and take your LIVE questions.

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ISACA Vancouver Chapter Mentorship Program. ISACA.

Greater than yourself

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European Mentoring and Coaching Council EMCC Code of ethics

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Patti’s BIO

Helping leaders balance technology and humanity, because our world and our businesses are not binary. 20 years in IT, working internationally on large infrastructure control systems and since 2008 helping companies adopt technology and lead change. Currently working with executive technology leaders in creating the kind of organization that takes balancing technology and humanity seriously. From leadership and governance to training and consulting on organizational structures that support technology meeting business strategy. Geek, artist, writer, and loves dancing.

Patti’s Projects and Companies