This is new recording of a talk I frequently gave between 2015-2017. It is an open-source intelligence review of emerging Cyber Threats in the Energy Sector. This is a short version of the talk: there was a much longer in-depth version, but for my purposes this short version will suffice.

I present this “rewind” of my OLD from 2016 again now in 2020 as a retrospective comparison: The threat that were emerging in 2014 are still with us today and have grown. Many of the issues are the same today, some are worse, but few are under control.

Only the audio recording of the talk is new. The actual content: words and slides are the same as presented in 2016.

If there is feedback, I will produce a new up-to-date 2020 version. Back in 2015 it was hard to get people in the Energy Sector to prioritize cyber threats even though they were active and serious. Today, attention to these risks is much improved.

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