• NEW Windows 10 Packet Sniffer

    This Tuesday I will demonstrate “pktmon” the new Windows 10 packet sniffer. It is built-in to the latest release of Windows 10 and promised to be the new great way to get packet captures.

  • Is LinkedIn Premium Worth the Cost?

    Watch this video for a tour of LinkedIn Premium and description of how I found some feature useful and others not so useful.

  • Job Hunting and Online Presence

    Moro and Mike interview TJ Zhang and Jessica Riad-Wallace, two exception role models for authentic and effective online networking and social media presence.
  • Job Hunt? Do these 3 thing first

    This is a companion article to a YouTube Livestream on Fri May 15, 2020 on using social networking in a job search. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/DgBer_nb2no

  • Docker and Github

    Recently I started to use Docker and Github together to build and deploy analysis projects with a single command line. To do this, I setup a github repository with my Dockerfile (build instructions) and upload data and scripts needed for my analysis.